Faith in the Flakes
On Tuesday, Jan. 9, award-winning AMS meteorologist Justin Berk will visit Middleborough Elementary!  During the assembly, students will learn the ins and outs of winter weather.  In order to support the cost of the assembly, we are selling the popular Faith in the Flakes t-shirts.  Orders must be completed by December 8.  

Checks can be made out to MES PTA. 
Shirts cost: $17


Join us as we raise money for MES PTA without selling anything! Download the Shoparoo App from the App Store or Google Play. Earn points by snapping photos of your shopping & dining receipts! The points add up as $$ for our school.

Volunteers Needed
We will be needing at least 5 volunteers to join a committee to help plan our dance in the spring.  As this is our first dance, we have decided to only have 1 at this time-scheduled for Friday, March 9, 2018.

The current President, Vice President and Secretary are all serving the 2nd of their allotted 2 year course.  If interested in any of these positions for next year let us know!

Please email and let us know how you can help!