Important Dates & Information



           Recently, the Office of Transportation has informed us that there has been a shortage in bus drivers and the following 2 buses will be combined during dismissal for afternoon drop off until further notice:  RiversideYellow and Bauernschmidt Purple.  Please note that the bus may be arriving to your stop a few minutes later than usual, so please plan accordingly for your child’s pick up at the bus stops. 


May 2nd
PTA Meeting
School Library
5 PM

May 5th & 6th
Flower Mart
School Lobby

May 23rd
BCPS/BCPL Summer Expo (See Below)
Essex Library
5:30 - 7:30

May 25th
Rita's Fundraiser
Middle River
5 PM - 9 PM

June 14th
Kindergarten Graduation
1:00 PM

June 16th
5th Grade Graduation
9:00 AM

BCPS Parent University, in partnership with Baltimore County Public Library, will host a Summer Learning Expos on Monday, May 23rd at the Essex branch from 5:30-7:30.

 Highlights include:

•          Academic resources

•          BCPL Summer reading programs

•          Day trips

•          Everyday activities to support

                           learning at home

•          Transitioning to middle school

•          Tutoring Resources

•          Digital Citizenship